Charter Renewal 2020 to 2021

What is Charter Renewal?:

Every year our Pack and our chartering organization, The American Legion Post 534, must complete a Charter Renewal with the BSA. To complete this process we must verify our roster, make sure all adult volunteers are caught up on training, and pay our fees to the BSA.

How does this concern you?:

In addition to renewing the unit charter, recharter time is when all youth and adult members (leaders) renew their membership in BSA, pay BSA fees and Pack 91 dues.


  • The annual BSA fee has increased to $60 per scout and $36 per adult leader
  • In an effort to keep membership in Pack 91 as affordable as possible, our Pack has decided to lower pack dues to $20 for the first child and $10 for each additional child.
  • If you decide to sign up for Boys Life Magazine the cost is $12 per subscription.


  • Use this spreadsheet to determine your family’s total cost
  • Be sure to set the correct values for your family.

Cost examples:

  • Total due for a family with 1 scout is:::: $60 BSA fees + $20 pack dues = $80
  • Total due for a family with 2 scouts is: $120 BSA fees + $30 pack dues = $150
  • Total due for a family with 3 scouts is: $180 BSA fees + $40 pack dues = $220
  • Add $12 for each OPTIONAL subscription to Boys Life Magazine
  • Total due for each adult leader is: $36. Adult leaders are NOT charged pack dues.

How to continue scouting with Pack 91 in 2020:

We have a lot of fun activities coming up including camping, participation in local parades, a visit to Hancock College, a visit from local law enforcement and a trip to Lompoc Aquatic Center among many other adventures. We truly hope you’ll decide to continue with us.

  1. Confirm your desire to stay with the pack for the 2020-2021 calendar year. It is important that we hear back from you ASAP. Please call, text or email Paul Bartsch this week. Don’t forget to specify whether you’d like a Boys Life magazine subscription.

  2. Please make checks payable to “American Legion Post 534 c/o Cub Scout Pack 91” and turn them in to either your den leader or a Pack leader as soon as possible. A perfect time to turn these in would be the Old Orcutt Christmas Parade on December 14th since we will all be there.


  • I just signed up for scouting and paid BSA fees, why do I have to pay fees again so soon?
    • BSA fees and Pack 91 dues are paid on a calendar year basis. Your BSA fees were prorated for the portion of the year remaining when you signed up.
  • I don’t like writing checks:
    • While checks are preferred you may contact Paul for Venmo or cash payment options.
  • Why did BSA fees increase?
  • What are Pack 91 dues used for?
    • Pack dues help to pay for one orange t-shirt per scout during their time in our pack, neckerchiefs each year, belt loops, pins, and other awards as well as activities such as our upcoming trip to Lompoc Acquatic Center. The minimal dues we charge do not fully cover these costs but do help to minimize our need for fundraising.
  • Why don’t we do more fundraising and not charge dues?
    • This is certainly an option that you’re welcome to bring up at a pack committee meeting, but generally people don’t like fund raising. We hope that the very minimal dues charged can continue to keep fundraising to a minimum. Good participation in our yearly fundraiser ensures that we won’t have to increase dues or hold additional fundraisers.