Pack 91 Pinewood Derby Rules

Failure to read these rules will not prevent disqualification. Rules are for fairness.


Must be built from the official Cub Scout Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit. The main body must be made of wood, and other materials may be added. One car per entrant in Cub Scout Rank classes. Multiple cars may be entered in family class(es). Cars from previous years may NOT be entered.


Must be BSA Pinewood Derby. No aftermarket wheels! May only be cleaned up slightly to remove casting marks and square tread surface. All 4 wheels must be attached to the car. Any attempt to remove material or alter shape, will disqualify your car. This rule is strictly enforced. Wheel weights are permitted.


Only official Cub Scout axles may be used. Removing burs and polishing is allowed. No washers or bearings may be used.


Cars can weigh no more than 5 ounces. All weights must be firmly affixed to the car. No sharp objects or extremely fragile parts are allowed. The race master’s scale is the official scale.


Cars, including wheels and accessories, must not exceed 7 inches in length.


Cars including wheels and accessories must not be wider than 2 ¾ inches in width.


No starting, propelling, or springing devices (double stick tape) or bearings may be used. Car must not be pointed in the front, nor have portions of the front protruding forward of the center of the car.


Only dry lubricant (graphite) or Krytox can be used. Remember that less is more when applying Krytox. If lubricants are used in excess, the car may be disqualified. No lubricants allowed during the race. Lube your car before the car is impounded.


All cars must be registered to race. After check- in, only race officials can handle cars.


With consent of a race official, a car that breaks can receive minor repairs. No modifications or application of graphite are allowed after check-in.

Awards & Classes:

Trophies and/or medals will be awarded for 3 places in all 5 dens for both show and speed classes including the family class(es). Family class participants cannot compete in the championship race.


The race master’s scale is the official scale and certified accurate.

Outlaw Class:

The Outlaw class is being continued this year! It is an additional class, above and beyond the heritage Family Class. Same, overall size/weight rules apply, but no rules regarding wheels, axles, or other added features! Let’s see how fast we can go!!!